种族隔离有点渲染多了,感情线跟剧情联系不大。几句台词很有意思-she must be something~no~she is not something,she is everything! let women do something at NASA for the country is not because they wear skirt, it's because they wear glasses

The story sets in a highly-developed world where people live in their own box made of black mirrors, and most of them earn merits by riding bikes like the two main roles: Abi and Bin. In this world, the same class of people wears the same clothes, only a few people can wear what they want and for other people, they can only spend merits to dress their virtual Avatars to whoever they like. The world is like an app store, people spend their merits to buy virtual things and food to get kind of happiness.
The hero Bin lives without any desire as everyone else until he meets Abi, who sings well and who is beautiful. Bin wants to help Abi to Hot Spot where most stars get started so he spend most all of his merits (fifteen million) to acquire a golden ticket for Abi.t thing doesn’t go as Bin, or Abi thought, the judges only want to squeeze Abi’s highest value so as to encourage her to become an adult actress on Wraith Babe. After dithering for a long time, and dragged on a substance called "Cuppliance", Abi finally agrees under the screaming of “Do it” from the audience.
Bin becomes very disappointed after all this mess, but he can’t even avoid watching Abi’s program because of his lack of merits. Bin soon starts earning merits for another golden ticket for himself in order to express his feelings about all these things. But finally, when he stands on the stage and tells all the people how he thinks with great passion and the determination of suicide, the judges tell him that his speech was so brilliant that they would set up a channel for him. Bin feels so unprepared, under the screaming of “Do it” but agrees in the end.

Chapter8 But about natural talent?

    It doesn't matter how others will think about you. People tend to be similar in many ways nowadays , such as wearing, studying, even chatting topics . We dye our hair or straighten It. We make up or we will be out of date. We wear fashionable clothes because everyone wears it and it will not be strange for you to wear it. We choose a major or work because many people do it and it's not bad. We won't wish to stand out in a line and just be the same with others to make ourselves feel safe. It's a tragedy. Why must We be like others even when you do not really like it? Why not create something belonging to yourself if you want. This is a more tolerate worlI. Be yourself and live for your life is the only and new fashion. In fact, no one will blame you for being different, maybe they will think it's cool. It's really key for you to release your true self and only in this way can you change the world or others, not by following .

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Abi may not make the choice herself because she drinks the “Cuppliance” which refers to a cup of compliance. We can say that Abi makes the choice reluctantly. But Bin doesn’t drink that, so it’s obvious that Bin makes his choice totally by himself with his clear mind. He wanted to change the entire system once in a time, but he compromises with the system and become an upper class in the system.
All through the plot I think Bin is a very sensible man. He knows what he wants, he never watches the TV program he dislikes. He actually knows that being a person on the screen isn’t what he wants but he just becomes. At the end of the episode, we see Bin sitting in a bigger black-mirror cell, looking at more real but fake scenery and drinking orange juice and putting the glass piece which made him well-known into a luxury box, and an industrial penguin take place of the one Abi made by hand. I can’t feel any kind of happiness through all his actions but see depression. It’s that he knows the disadvantage of the system and he hates it, but he simply cannot change it and he is so clear about that if he obey it he gets well with it. If Bin wants to change the whole system, it’s impossible for him not paying anything but feel real things. Maybe what Bin does is kind of clever because apparently a revolution never success without blood.
Does Bin really forget what he wants? To think positively, maybe he wants to get some power first because it’s hard for a man without weapon to win the war. As the saying goes: you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


In this episode, it seems that nobody achieves what they want. Abi wants to be famous by her singing. She does become a well-known star, but by becoming an adult actress. Bin wants something real, so he wants Abi to become famous. In Bin’s mind, Abi’s song is like the only innocent thing in the world that is full of over-decorated programs. After Bin lost Abi and her singing. Bin wants something new, which is to change the system. He worked desperately hard for it, he eats other’s leftovers and take other’s apples in order to save merits to buy an entry ticket. But he fails again when the judges say “the most heartfelt thing I’ve ever seen”. Bin’s all expression is just a thing to the judges. It does make them impressed but by Bin’s emotion, not the speech itself, which means that the judges don’t even care what Bin says, but pay more attention to the kind of passion that they have never seen. I would refer the judges to kind of dominators of the world in this episode, they don’t see people as people, and rather, they just see people as things that can entertain themselves. They control audience’s taste in order to rule them.

1.give way

It makes me drown in deep thought that what will happen in the future highly-developed world. The director implies it in different ways.
betway必威官网 ,Firstly, most people can’t express themselves freely. As we can easily see, they wear the same clothes all the time. I suppose people like Bin and Abi are like the middle class people in the society, they even wear the grey suits when they sleep. What the star says is that she likes to wear gold clothes, she thinks gold colour can express her perfectly. Under this condition, most people don’t even chase for something, they just live through days and nights unconsciously. It’s just like people don’t have souls.
Secondly, this society is strictly divided by classes. The relatively lower class people can’t get respect. I found that in the shooting game Bin played, the targets were the cleaners who were fat in yellow. It can be also seen from how the judges react to Abi and Bin, they just care about the interests and show no respect to their performance such as stopping them arbitrarily or say the performance is worthless. Discrimination is everywhere.
Thirdly, our lives are exhaustively monitored. If Bin doesn’t pay, he can’t simply choose to close his eyes to avoid watching the ads. The machine will find that view obstructed and urging Bin to resume viewing. How absurd!

Violin strings in those days-two centuries ago-were made from the intestines of sheep and more likely to give way than today's strings.

I think that this episode is a visual version of the book 1984 written by George Orwell. It wants to warn us that do not lose our independent thinking. So this is not just an imagination of what will happen if the technology develop to a certain degree, it talks more about the dark sides of the human being.

释义:if something gives way, it breaks or falls down because there is too much weight or pressure on it同义: to collapse or fall
例:The bridge threatened to give way as the flood waters rose.

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One of the major reasons that people believe in the power of innate talent is the apparent existence of natural prodigies.

释义:a young person who has a great natural ability in a subject or skill ⇨ genius这一章反复出现多次 child/infant prodigy神童
例:Mozart was a musical prodigy.


Thomas, wearing his basketball shorts and shoes, cleared it easily.

释义:to go over a fence, wall etc without touching it, or to go past or through something and no longer be in it:
例:The plane barely cleared the fence at the end of the runway.


What makes these abilities particularly noteworthy is that most of these savants are otherwise mentally challenged in one way or another.

visually/physically/mentally etc challenged American English used as a polite expression for describing someone who has difficulty doing things because they are blind etc
残疾的委婉说法。在某方面被挑战了,但是失败了。terms like 'vertically-challenged' — meaning short...


It's natural to assume that those differences will persist-that the same people who did so well in the begining will continue to breeze through later on.

释义:breeze through something phrasal verb
  to achieve something very easily SYN  sail through:
  例:He breezed through the exam.

born with natural endowments
coax the beautifu melody out of just two strings 摆弄


People do not stop learning and improving because they have reached some innate limits on their performance; they stop learning and improving because, for whatever reasons, they stopped practicing-or never started.



这也是mindset一书的核心,growth-mind 和fixed-mind的区别。


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