His soul is whole.Now he is more human than human.

betway必威官网,Without the amazing last scene of Ex Machina, the movie can only treated as mediocre commercial movie that you can watch with popcorn and Cole: the machinery Ava has its own thought and gradually fall in love with the kindhearted boy, Caleb and they form a league to against the evil boss, Nathan, who was known as the only bad guy in that movie, needless to say, they would win their freedom and live a happy life together, I thought.
But what happened in the last scene was totally beyond my expectation.
It has turn all things over, changed all of my stereotype of that movie and make me into a deep reflection:
After Ava come out of the laboratory, she kill the boss and locked the boy in the room.
She go straight upstairs and left the boy behind her, who is punching the transparent door and desperately calling her name with tear shedding. But she had never, ever cast a second glance on the one who she had swear to love forever a few hours ago.
With the pathetic background music and the silence crying of the boy, I felt goodliness and something glorious ruin in my heart.
At that moment, love has been destroyed, moral has been trampled and technology has been proof to be an accomplice of evil. It was an earthquake in my mind which shake the strong belief of my viewpoint of life. Then everything around me become suspicious and sarcastic. It feel like a huge stone putting on my chest and make me hard to breathe.
When the movie come to the end, Ava came to the real world and blended into the crowd silently, like a drop of water falling into the ocean.
I was horrible, not only for the boy’s experience but for the future of us. The truth being demonstrated in the film is cruel but exact, it is almost impossible for the robot with its own conscious to get along well with human being and there is probably no way to prevent that kind of things from happening. I define that as a deconstruction of the technology development.
Can this problem be solved? How can human beings do to live peaceful with the robot?
When I was thinking over this question, the memories of the twist faces of each generate robots and their yielding for freedom in the laboratory pouring into my mind. There is no doubt that what the boss had done to them is extremely cruel.
I believe that if, one day, the robot has its own conscious, it can no longer be treated as a robot, but a new kind of life who enjoy the same right and equity as us. Behaviors like enclosed them in the jail or treat them as our servant will definitely trigger out the rebel and lead to the same ending as the evil boss in the film.
So it is a real dilemma for human beings: they produce the robot in order to exploit them and to be their servant but they are not destined to be your servant. If anyone sneeze at it, he will experience the same dreadful ending as the character in the movie.
Thus, is it still proper for us to simply celebrate or push the technology growing so fast? It is the first question left when the movie is over.

It was with the departure of Samantha that Theodore had a clearer picture and understanding of his problems in his prior marriage. Samantha and Catharine led him through two different but identical relationships, which revealed crucial elements of love. There is no such thing as an ideal lover, the crucial part of a relationship is the willingness to fully express yourself, the availableness to communicate, the awareness to help each other grow without growing apart, the realization to respect and accept people as what they are.

The part impressed me most is when Andy got out of the jai. He extended his arms in front of him in the heavy rain as if he were welcoming the fresh air and the freedom. At that moment, I saw the faith win the darkness, discharging light dazzling the eyes in the dark blue sky. Under the light, I could feel my recreant innermost being shivering as his voice said: “Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies!”

At this moment,he feel the snow softly land at his hand and slowly melt down.At this moment,he feel that he is holding something way more heavy than life.So he close his eyes with a satisfaction on his face,as a child who falls into a sweet dream.

Then come to the next question, since the robot was made by human being and the character was derived from human himself. It is a mirror of our human beings. In this cotemporary some of people are selfish, cold-bloodedness and indifferent just like the Ava. I've always hearing these words: “what is moral? Is it eatable? "A little boy who was quite popular at Internet said: “I care about nothing except money." At the moment of watching them, I feel coldness rise deeply from my heart. The well-known Chinese writer Lu Xun once claimed to us: "To save the children!" But can they still be saved? I still remember the last scene of the movie, Ava blend into the human society, just like water solute in water.
So who is the robot among us in this cotemporary?
Or should I ask: “who is the REAL human among robot in our society?”
Claude Adrien Helvétius said: “human being is a product of the environment” At the Age of Human Alienation, who is innocent and whom in here can be preserved? One of the scene in the film suddenly occurred to me: when the boy has known that the dancing girl is an AI, the first thing he did was to dodder along to his room and used the shaver to cut in his arm. Then it started to bleeding, red blood poured and incarnadine the wash basin but the boy is heehawing crazily.
Strange as it might be seen, but I can totally understand his ecstasy. The running blood prove him to be a REAL human, not an AI. This is the only truth he could confirm, and it made the rebel meaningful. Actually he is indeed the real human, who is kindhearted and high standard of moral, but at the last scene, where he was locked in that transparent door, the meaning as a real human with moral behavior was destroyed. Everything was destroyed indiscriminately, good and bad alike.
So when the moral of human being was deconstructed totally, what is the way out?
The last part I want to discuss it the deconstruction of the love. When seeing the turning around of Ava happened, the lovers' vows broke into piece and seemed to be absurd. Although we all know that the boy should not love the robot before he can verify whether the robot can be loved, but I really understand and have an empath with him.
As Jane Austin once said in <sense and sensibility>:” love is the instance when you break all order, logic and rational control.” But Ava betray the pure love at the moment she get freedom. Actually, it reflect the dark side of human being and the conundrum of love.
To conclude, the movie depicted the possibility that the robot will someone lose control of human being and maybe replace human beings. So we should alert of this rapid changing world and be rational of the product of technology.

PS: Someone said the film was shot in Shanghai. Pity, I did not figure it out. And, Scarlett Johansson is the voice of Samantha. I cannot love more of her voice.

The story may sound simple, but the truth behind the words is remarkable. When I heard the name of the film first time, I considered the Shawshank to be a man’ name, but in face it is a jail——a hell in the world. Not only for the inhumanity of the jailors——they behaved brutally; but also for the jail gnawed at people’ heart by keeping them waiting and waiting as life passed. It seemed that only those utterly worthless people who gave up everything could survive. That’s where the story happened.

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At first, I was shocked at how intelligent and human-like Samantha was. And I was really jealous of Theodore for he can have such an understanding and capable figure whois practically a combination of a good companion, partner, friend, secretary and lover at the same time. Even though Samantha is just an operation system, but she is nothing like a robot, she sounds sensitive and capable of thinking and feeling; she is practically a real person without a body.

That’s why I like this film: it encourages people to fight to preserve the dignity of human beings, to appreciate the beauty of life, and the most important is to keep hope forever. He once that is born, that is die. Everyone is the same. The only difference is whether busy living or busy dying. The film tells me even a man can live once, but if he keeps faith, keeps hope and works his life right, then once is enough. The faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark, the hope is the chief happiness that this world affords, and the life should be full of the singing of the bird and the happiness hope brings. " What’s that do you think? It’s the trembling of the heart, the singing of the mind, the flying of the soul and the hope to be free.”

When they fell in love and had a wonderful time together, I was thinking, that is why this human-OS relationship can work. I mean, Theodore can turn to Samantha any time he wants and Samantha would be always available for him to express and share his feelings. This availableness and willingness to express really matter in a relationship. In a human-to- human relationship, we cannot control nor have the other side actually listen to you or talk to you, and there are always emotion which can be easily effected by trivial elements involved when we communicate. As a result, what we express may be wrongly interpreted by the recipient. That can be the reason why some relationship failed.

This is such an amazing film that it caught my full attention for the whole 126 minutes and I found myself speechless after watching. This is the first timethat I find 140 words are far from enough to express my feeling about a film.And this film review has to be in English.

Out of my reckoning, the relationship did not end up with the realization of the human or the termination of an OS; it ended with the realization of an OS. An OS is not only capable of learning and growing up; it can also challenge you and have its own pursuit. She can be not available to you when you need her and you are not her exclusive user and lover. This is so human-like. And Theodore has to learn to accept Samantha for who she is and who she wants to be, and he has to learn to let her go.

Then, as expected, like any other scientific love fictions, such as“Black Mirror” and “My Robot Girlfriend”, the human hero or heroine can be embarrassed and confused by having a relationship with an OS. There was a period of distance and struggle between them. They made it up when Theodore came to the realization that only feelings matter and life is too short to rule out joy because of others' opinion. They had many good memories and sweet moments together.

I am sure there are more things that you can learn out of this film if you see into it. It is strongly recommended!


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